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For two decades, Matthew Champagne, Ph.D. has influenced survey and feedback practices in learning organizations worldwide as a senior research fellow, university professor, theorist, serial entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker. He has authored more than 75 articles, books and how-to guides with practical solutions to create high-quality survey instruments and processes that have been implemented at more than 600 organizations.

Dr. Champagne’s theories and research spawned the web-based course evaluation industry in higher education and he helped create many of the innovative web-based technologies used today to improve the quality of training and customer service.

He has served as Senior Evaluator for a dozen federal and philanthropic organizations including the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Sloan Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Army Research Institute.



Learn to make your Surveys work

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You just created a survey for your customers, members, employees, or students – that’s great! Now comes the hard part: trying to get a lot of people to fill it out and give meaningful comments so you have valid and useful results. But since most people ignore surveys and those that bother filling them out often skip over important instructions, make rating errors, and write vague and unhelpful comments, what meaningful decisions can you really make from these misleading results?

5 Traps to Avoid in your web-based survey tools

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Learn to identify and avoid the time-wasting traps in SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Survey Gizmo and other web-based survey creation tools that reduce response rates, annoy respondents & muddy your results

The Course Evaluation Tune-up

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Dramatically increase the response rate and quality of feedback on your course evaluations with these insights and strategies drawn from the research and practices at 485 colleges & universities


There is a need for more accurate, meaningful and actionable survey results in every organization that gathers feedback through online surveys and paper forms. This book is written for:
* Those who create surveys for customers, students, members, employees, alumni, or prospects
* Do-it-yourself’ers who use web-based survey tools
* Evaluation Committee members responsible for improving their course evaluation forms
* Tradeshow organizers who gather feedback from exhibitors and attendees
* College Administrators who interpret and act on faculty evaluation results
* Customer Retention Specialist or others dedicated to engaging and keeping customers
* Directors of Training responsible for instructor evaluations
* Marketing Researchers who have heard conflicting messages about the usefulness of surveys
* Those using web-based or paper-based surveys for accreditation and evaluation purposes
* Those who get annoyed when wasting their time filling out poorly constructed surveys



Using humor to increase survey engagement

Here is an important topic that rarely gets much discussion. Why are surveys so humorless? Are we doing something so vital and critically important that we have to ask question

Treat your survey respondents like a “first date”

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked over the past 20 years is “what is the BEST number of questions to put on a survey?” My answer to this question is the same answer I give for many other survey construction concerns: treat your survey like it is a first date. Really.

How to reduce cost of incentives

Dramatically increase the response rate and quality of feedback on your course evaluations with these insights and strategies drawn from the research and practices at 485 colleges & universities




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